ChecksAI the next level of NFT utility!

Our AI-powered marketplace for asset ownership can provide a secure and transparent way to buy, sell, and transfer ownership of assets.
Our vision is that a blockchain-based marketplace for ownership rights can be a great tool for securely transferring ownership rights to various items, such as bonds, real estate, vehicles, artwork and more.

It can also provide a secure and verifiable platform for tracking and transferring ownership of digital assets. By leveraging the immutability of blockchain technology, users can be sure that their ownership rights are stored securely and cannot be changed or modified.
Finally, an AI-powered marketplace could provide automated systems to facilitate transactions and allow users to easily search and compare assets across the marketplace.

ChecksAI Token Metrics.

Token Metrics

  • 15% - Community Rewards
  • 75% - Liquidity locked on Uniswap
  • 10% - Community Treasury
  • Total Supply - 16,031 ChecksAI



ChecksAI Road Map

  1. (02 February 2023) ChecksAI Launch Uniswap listing and liquidity locked.
    Website and Socials launch
    Start Marketing

  2. (10 February 2023) Genesis Collection NFT for ChecksAI holders Launch our Genesis collection NFTs AI based.
    WhitePaper release.
    CEX listing.

  3. (15 March 2023) Launch ChecksAI Marketplace Launch AI based Marketplace.
    More important partnership.

  4. (Q2 2023) Start new features development Integrate AI-driven trading bots, start new features development